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For sports and non-related sports injury

Our approach is always research based and addresses the underlying cause to your problem.  We do not just offer symptom relief.

Are you suffering with any of the following?

Back & shoulder pain

Knee pain

Hip pain

Ankle & foot pain

Elbow pain

Neck pain


Our main objective is to ensure we diagnose and treat the underlying cause  of your problem and not just the presenting symptoms


The treatment used will depend on the injury or problem diagnosed.The following are some of the usual methods used at the clinic;

- We conduct a detailed case history of the condition.

-We then carry out a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests.

-Following this we generally mobilise the effected area by means of deep tissue massage.

-By this time we can ascertain not only the injury but also to what degree it is injured.

-From this stage a specific treatment plan can be implemented.

-There are a wide range of treatments available including electro-massage, ultra sound, interferential and manual manipulations to increase range of motion and flexibility, thereby reducing pain and promoting recovery.

Suspension Training for strength and rehabilitation 

Treatments are run over a course and the normal duration is 3-5 sessions. Marked improvement is usually evident following 1 to 3 sessions. With home stretching exercises in your own time progress is much quicker,your co-operation in your recovery is absolutely paramount.

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Who is treating you?

Mark Oriel

A sports therapist with over 22 years experience in the Health & Fitness industry. Initially in the military as an Army PTI dealing with the fitness and rehabilitation of soldiers after injury. Following this became a Fireman and Brigade manual handling, first aid and physical training instructor. Completed Premier Diploma in Fitness Training, Sports Therapy and Nutrition; Pre-hospital trauma life support course; Advanced sports therapy; Position Release- Leon Chaitow. I recently completed an Acupuncture course which compliments the sports therapy treatment.


As part of continuing professional development requirements I am currently undertaking "Bodymaster" Diploma course, University of Oxford.

I have a passion for the outdoors and enjoy cycling, in 2015 I cycled 5,000 miles around the coast of UK, raising £10,000 for charity

Over the duration of my career I have worked closely with local rugby clubs, elite athletes as well as the general public and have found listening to the patients pays the biggest dividends in their positive outcome.

“                                           "WHERE YOU THINK PAIN IS, THE PROBLEM IS NOT”

                                                     Ida Rolf founder of the Rolfing Technique

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Appointments are available on-

Monday and Wednesday

Please make all enquiries and appointments by telephone only

Please leave a message on the answer phone if we are in treatment and unable to answer your call with your name and number clearly and we will return your call as soon as possible 01994 230150

                                       The Injury Clinic                                 

Pentre Road

St Clears


SA33 4AA

Tel: 01994 230150


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